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Without the planets there would be no astrology, yet all too often those lights in astrology's sky are lost in the tangle of houses, signs, parts, and aspects that make up the modern horoscope. In the following MP3 offerings you'll find a practical concern with understanding how the planets reflect the basic elements that differentiate one person from another. If you feel that direct observation is more interesting and enlightening than teacherly tradition, these lectures are for you! All MP3s include complete handouts, along with additional notes added later, and they have been edited to enhance quality.

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  Who is Venus and Why Is She Angry? - UAC 2002, Orlando
Some years ago when I began exploring the planets in relation to the "power zones" defined by modern research, I noticed that people with Venus angular were often described as angry. This opened up an interesting thread of investigation which led me to a description of the Venus type quite different from the sugary flirt of standard astrology. Plenty of examples and many clues for further study are provided.

AA Conference 1997
  Winds of Neptune, Fires of Mars - AA Conference 1997, Cirencester
The week from the 18th to the 25th of November, 1978 was a tragic time that saw hundreds of lives snuffed out by the skewed values and paranoid logic of two men. In a camp in Guyana called "Jonestown," the Reverend Jim Jones forced hundreds of his followers to drink cyanide-laced Koolaid, while in the original home of Jones's People's Temple, San Francisco, an ex-supervisor who saw himself as a defender of public morality assassinated the Mayor and a gay supervisor. The way in which Mars and Neptune spelled out the major themes and drove the key players is both fascinating and disturbing.

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The Whole Chart and Astro*Carto*Graphy - from the 1999 NCGR Relocation Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia

Planetlines Intensive - A five-hour workshop on ACG and rellocation in New York City, May 2002.


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