From Fagan's “Solunars” column, here's a good description of the mapping of planetary lines and how to apply them:

January 1966

Lady with a problemWith Uranus on the Ascendant in conjunction with Algol, it is not surprising that she mentally has been pushed to points of extreme desperation. A distant removal from her place of birth will displace the natal Uranus from this dangerous position . . . Should this unhappy girl wish to remedy matters, she should remove sufficiently far away from her place of birth to put her Sun and Venus on the Midheaven; she will then know fame and happiness.

In such cases as this, it is usual for the wise astrologer to recommend that the native (i.e., the owner of the horoscope) should remove sufficiently far away from the place of birth to throw the offending planets into the inactive places and bring the benefics, principally the greater benefic Jupiter, onto an angle.

Fagan Continues in February 1966 . . .

It is well to search for a suitable location whereby any or all of the benefic planets will be brought, by a serious application of science, to one or the other of the four angles . . . But in this instance we are precluded from using the good offices of the natal Jupiter for, as our Hindu brethren would aver, “. . . it is under check . . .” being at birth in conjunction with the greater malefic, Saturn, and not far removed from the Moon itself, the prime significator of her aberrations. So to bring Jupiter to any of the angles, we would also be bringing Saturn and the Moon right into the foreground thus intensifying the trouble and defeating our purpose. It is not always a simple matter to place oneself in a benefic location.

Our best solution is to bring the radical Venus and the Sun, which are in conjunction in Gemini, into the immediate foreground. Calculation discloses that at the moment of her birth the beautiful Venus, rendered invisible by the proximity of the Sun, culminated (i.e., was on the Midheaven) in geographical longitude E 42°04'. Should she be so fortunate as to be in a position to live at any place situated along the former longitude she would, comparatively speaking, enjoy a peace and happiness she has not yet tasted. Living easily and tranquilly she would be much admired, loved and popular; an experience that would grow with the passing of the years. Or should she elect to live under the latter longitude she would rapidly unfold her latent character and, as a creative artist, especially in authorship, literature, poetry, journalism, music dancing and the like, surprise even herself. Glancing at a map of the world, it is found that the former longitude cuts through Turkey in Asia, Egypt, the Sudan, Uganda, Rhodesia, and East South Africa; while the latter longitude passes through Syria, Iraq, South Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the coast of Mozambique.

If for various reasons, it may be quite impractical for the native to live in the Near East; she has the choice of living under longitudes W 147°54' and W 137°56' where Venus and the Sun were on the antimeridian respectively at the moment of her birth, and where she could still enjoy the blessings of these two bodies; although not to the same extent or power. But unfortunately these longitudes, for the most part, traverse the Pacific Ocean, the only land they intersect being Alaska in the north and the Society Islands in the South; which may also be deemed out of the question, thus disposing of the South and North angles.

We are thus left with the Ascendant and Descendant (dysis) at the precise moment of the native’s birth.

The reader should procure a large scale map of the world and of the U.S.A. on Mercator’s projection. Having put a small pencil mark on them against the geographical coordinates tabulated below [table omitted here - KI] and joining them by a pencil line he will find that he has a gentle curve revealing all the places between latitude North and South 60°, when Venus or the Sun rose and set at the precise moment of the native’s birth; thus enabling her to pick a suitable locality wherein to live; with Venus or the Sun, as she wishes, on the Ascendant or Descendant of her “Locality Chart”; preferably on the Ascendant. For instance, the above tabulation informs us that Venus, at the moment of the native’s birth was rising in Latitude N 40° and Longitude W 75°09', which is pretty close to Philadelphia, PA! As Venus enjoys 3°18' of south latitude, the solar and Venusian curves will not lie parallel to one another.

[The paragraph following explains that since the rise and set times given in the tables referred to are from the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, they are for apparent times of these phenomena, as corrected for refraction, etc., and where sunrise, for example, is the first appearance of the cusp of the Sun’s disk above the horizon. Fagan notes that proper astrological methodology requires calculation of rise and set geocentrically, and not topocentrically. - KI]