The Impeachment Chronicles
The "Linda" Trip

August 5, 1998 - One of the more interesting events of the previous week for the "Starr-struck" was the public statement of the woman who really started this chapter of the Clinton-Starr saga, Linda Tripp, after she finished her testimony before the grand jury. Most interesting in that statement was her contention that she had been "villified for taking the path of truth," as well as her contention that she had involved herself out of fear of reprisal from power political figures rather than (as some had charged) out of a profit motive. She was particularly upset about the ridicule heaped upon her by entertainers, much of it about her appearance. About this latter contention, comedy writer Chris Kelly said in an Op-Ed piece in the August 4th New York Times: "I don't think Linda Tripp has been ridiculed because of her appearance. I think she has been ridiculed because she is, by her own admission, an informer, a prude, a false friend and a gossip. The jokes have been shamefully - and unprofessionally - brutish. But people in the audience wouldn't laugh if they didn't agree about the target."

While the above may tell us nothing about the truthfulness of Tripp's charges, they do tell us something about the situation in which she finds herself. Perhaps even more interesting than what the public in general seems to think of her (due in large part to the way she treated someone who considered her a friend) was the recent press leak alleging that Monica Lewinsky may say that Tripp herself was somehow involved in producing a much-discussed set of "talking points" suggesting how Lewinsky's testimony in the Paula Jones law suit should be tailored. So while she represents herself as someone acting out of fear for herself and her family, and while she certainly has her personal and political supporters, the public at large tends to see her as a venal opportunist, and this based in part on material leaked by Tripp's supporters or agents, such as the infamous tapes transcripted in the Newsweek account that brought the story public.

Now consider an interesting fact which has just come to light and bears directly on the previous discussion about the Saturn-Neptune square and how it touches the charts of the principals in this legal mess: Tripp has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction which falls precisely opposite Kenneth Starr's Sun-Saturn conjunction:

Starr's Sun-Saturn midpoint: 28°34' Cancer
Tripp's Moon-Jupiter midpoint: 28°29' Capricorn

This means that everything which can be said about Starr in regard to the timing of this transit can be said about Linda Tripp, though the emphasis is different since her conjunction involves two planets in many ways diametrically opposed (in an astrological sense) to Starr's. The above facts came to light with the publication of the most recent issue of Lois Rodden's Data News, in which Rodden reports Tripp's birth-certificate data, tracked down based on news reports about Tripp. According to Rodden, Tripp was born Linda Carotennuto in Jersey City, New Jersey at 8:00 a.m. EST on November 24, 1949. A look at the complete charts shows that Tripp's Moon-Jupiter pair is every bit as close as Starr's Sun-Saturn, so one might say the astrological Fates have linked these two inevitably and inexorably.

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