The Impeachment Chronicles
Clinton's Different Venus-Uranus

December 18, 1998 - On this impeachment morning (it is a foregone conclusion according to most press accounts), we give you three charts, noting the interesting differences between the Clinton case and the others we've found. First off, for those critical dates we have for Johnson, Nixon and the hapless Oklahoma Governor, Venus is found in a "hard" aspect to Uranus, and in those cases where we have a birth time, we find that Venus is often close to the Washington angles, with Uranus or other planets aspecting astrology's traditional planet of love (modern astrology, that is, but more on that later) often close to the angles but seemingly having second priority. Though Clinton's birth time certainly is subject to debate, there is a major aspect difference between his case and the others, which is that trines and sextiles have been involved so far in the actual process, and even in those matters related to it. Pertinent dates include:

August 17: President answers questions from Starr's prosecutors under oath.
September 9-11: Starr's referral to Congress, outlining impeachable offenses, is first delivered then released publicly.
October 8: House votes to refer the impeachment matter to the Judiciary Committee for action.
December 11-12: Judiciary Committee votes out four articles of impeachment on a straight party vote, turning down a substitute censure recommendation from the Democratic minority.
December 18: Scheduled debate and vote on impeachment in the full House.

Bill Clinton
August 19, 1946, 8:51 A.M. CST
Hope, Arkansas
Relocated to Washington DC

This first chart shows planets for the scheduled start of the debate at 9:00 A.M. EST, in the context of Clinton's chart. Note that Venus is at the midpoint of a Uranus-Pluto sextile (i.e., in semisextile to both), while Mercury is moving to a conjunction of Pluto as well. Sun and Moon, approaching conjunction, are trine Saturn, and that Saturn, Mars and Neptune are all within 8 degrees (!) of Clinton's local angles, with Saturn square Neptune, as noted in earlier installments. This seems sufficiently indicative of Clinton's tough times and general helpfulness in moving the process along with misstatements, missteps and petulance, but it is interesting that the Venus-Uranus part of the aspect pattern is quite different from similar cases, so the reader should keep this in mind as events unfold both now and with a Senate trial. Compare this with the Johnson chart for February 24, 1868. Nixon's impeachment and conviction, so to speak, took place a day or two before his resignation, when several Republican Senators told him that he had lost all political support in both House and Senate. Thus, there is no precise equivalent in that case to what Clinton is going through today.

The same setup for October 8, 1998, when the impeachment matter was referred to the Judiciary Committee. Here Venus is trine Uranus and ten degrees above Clinton's Washington Ascendant. Compare this with the February 6, 1974 chart for Nixon, which has Venus on the IC within a degree or two square Uranus rising.

And finally, we have transits for noon on December 11, 1998, the date the vote on the first article was taken. The transits change little from the next day, when the matter was finalized. Compare this with the Nixon chart for July 30, 1974. In neither case is there an equivalent chart for Johnson, as that first use of impeachment seems to have been purely by a resolution on the floor of the House.

And that is how I will leave it until Congress has done its work. However, by looking at the types of aspects most operative to this stage and working ahead, we can find several critical dates for Clinton in the next three months, some of which may apply to impeachment, and some of which may apply to other unpleasant matters that President, or citizen, Clinton may face.

Mercury-Pluto Strikes Again