Grace's Saturnian Journey - Tapping at the Door

After leaving the scene in Trinidad, on the way home she took advantage of a brief stopover in Barbados to call up a friend of hers from a pay phone, a Capricorn man who lived in Ottawa, right along her Saturn Descendant line. She ended up spending a few days with him before she flew home to the coast, and though they got along well, there was no sexual involvement, although Grace was deeply attracted to him. Starting in July of that same year, just as Mars was finishing its long transit of Scorpio and as Saturn was beginning the forward motion that would bring it into contact with her natal Saturn, he sent her a ticket and she spent six weeks with him, though again it turned out to be a disappointing effort to take a nice friendship to a romantic level.

Around this time, and still in the depths of her Saturn return, she began to come face to face with a decision she had made back when her parents were divorced, especially considering how her mother ended up financially. This decision was simply that she never wanted to be put in the position of being financially dependent on a partner, either through marriage or a common-law relationship. However, she began to notice more and more that the men who wanted to be in her life tended to be wealthy and powerful, and in fact a millionaire even proposed to her at one point. The result of all this attention was simply to reinforce her decision not to be put in the position of becoming accustomed to a lifestyle she could not maintain financially on her own should the relationship dissolve. On one level that might have been a wise decision, but at the same time the interest she attracted from men of wealth (her father was, after all, himself a highly paid professional) signaled at least some movement from denial to projection in the emergence of her shadowed Saturn.

After the brief but unfulfilling fling with her friend in Ottawa, she journeyed to Montreal, where she made contact with someone who specialized in the style of therapy she wanted to study. In a few brief exchanges with him in August 1984 on the subject of setting up a study group, he encouraged her to pursue the idea. This led to a second meeting, in Vancouver, at which Grace proposed that he lead the group for a year, which he agreed to. At their third meeting in two years, though no previous sexual interest had been shown by either of them, the instructor surprised her over a late dinner one night by proposing an affair in Montreal, at a later date when his wife would be out of town. Though unprepared for this, especially since she hadn't sensed any initial attraction, she was none the less drawn into a long and often painful drama that took her to the next step in bringing her Saturn into consciousness -- it was now at least tapping at the door, asking to be let out.

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