Grace's Saturnian Journey - Three Triggers

After a brief involvement with the instructor, in August 1981, she told him firmly that she wasn't going to rearrange her whole life by moving across the country from Vancouver to Montreal to study with him and take on the role of mistress in order to accommodate him. This, of course, meant he would have to tell his wife and, most likely, end the marriage if he seriously wanted to become involved with Grace. Not wanting to lose Grace, when his wife came back from her summer trip he in fact confessed to her about the affair, thus beginning the process of ending his marriage. Grace was on the edge of this, involved with him both as lover and student since she had, as she initially suggested, organized the study group. The ending of the marriage took nearly two years, during which time she finished her university education.

As the instructor's marriage came to an end, it became apparent that Grace's relationship with him had descended into routine, and she finally reached the conclusion that perhaps her major role in his life was to help him get out of a marriage he could no longer endure. Despite the almost two-year relationship, both partners had resisted moving in with each other, and she now decided that their time together was coming to an end. However, a few months after the final break in the spring of 1987, and after spending some months considering what kind of partner she really ought to be spending her time with, she met her future husband. After their meeting in late 1987, she began living with him immediately and ended up as an adviser to highly placed people in Canada's capital city, Ottawa (which was, as we have seen, on her SA DSC line). It was with him that she reached the final phase in coping with her Saturn.

Before continuing the account of her life, however, note that in Grace's story we have seen all three modes of triggering the emergence of a shadowed planet. First of all, the time dimension was attributable to the coincidence of her Saturn return with the opposition of progressed Sun to natal Moon spiced, we might say, by transiting Mars. The personal dimension shows itself in two ways, the first of which involves the kinds of social relationships thrust upon her in Trinidad. There she had to learn to face some of her deepest fears, both racial and sexual, and her forthright effort to face both might have clued her in, at least unconsciously, to the fact that she could confront the dark side of Saturn in which was embedded her feelings and fears relating to both her mother and her father.

These two astrological dimensions, time and personal relationship, would probably be singled out by most astrologers as central to Grace's development. More interesting, however, is the distinct spatial and thus geographical triggers to the emergence of Grace's Saturn. In order to see this, look closely at Grace's ACG map and note that the Saturn Descendant line goes right through Trinidad, and also through Ottawa, through Montreal and everywhere that was important in this whole chain of events. In other words, some of the most crucial events from her Saturn return actually took place right on her Saturn line, and transiting Saturn itself would have been present all along that line, or very close to it, in the context of Grace's natal map.

The events of that year and later events that flowed from them were replete with Saturn symbolism. To begin with, consider the Roman name for carnival the Saturnalia. While the Romans were probably not drinking sugar-cane moonshine, smoking marijuana and "groin dancing" to Latin rhythms, the purpose of their Saturnalia was much like the Trinidadian carnival, as it was a time in which to shed one's inhibitions and for all to be equalized. However, in the Roman case, the orgiastic revelry was to symbolize the emergence from a Saturnian period, the depths of the winter solstice, while Carnival in Trinidad is related to the coming of a Saturnian period, Lent. In Grace's case, the time of carnival signaled both, as her emergence from the shadow of Saturn perhaps began here, though only after she sank further into its grasp.

In addition to the presence of her Saturn line near Trinidad, its capital Port of Spain, Trinidad, at 80 48' north, is on the same latitude as a crossing of Saturn on the Ascendant and Moon on the Midheaven, and quite close to another at which Moon is on the Ascendant and Saturn on the IC. The involvement of two key planets in this whole complex of transits, progressions and natal planets that were central to the time dimension of Grace's experience simply reinforces everything we have already noted. This is called a "paran," wherein two planet lines, one in Ascendant or Descendant and one in IC or Midheaven, cross each other, forming a "mundane square."

What is perhaps more interesting over the long term is that Grace's actual residence at the beginning of all this (and at the end as well) was on the west coast of Canada, yet somehow she seemed to gravitate to the Saturn line that dominated the other coast. Perhaps something inside was telling her that she could face her Saturn-bound fears just as surely as she faced certain personal and irrational fear by plunging into the Carnival scene. More time and effort was required, however, as a last effort at suppression kept the lid on Saturn for several years to come. In the meantime, her journey from the west coast of Canada to attend Carnival in Trinidad had led to Ottawa and thence to Montreal, and would finally lead her back to Ottawa once more -- all along her Saturn line.

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